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Live Full Suite

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Live Full Suite

Cost: A one-time fee of $7,000 

  • $600/Month Technology Platform Licenses

  • 8% On Platform Leads Referral Fee

  • 3% Payment Processing Fee

What you get

Technology Platform
  1. Customer and sales management system  Sales customer relationship management (CRM) software to save customer contact information and interactions, enhance productivity/sales processes, and pipeline visibility (Zendesk Sell)
  2. Live Business Dashboard — An automated and interactive dashboard to visualize business data and reporting. This tracks sales and forcasts in real time  (Redash)
  3. Professional website builder with customer support — Easily customizable ‘Powered by Mainstreet’ template web design with ongoing web content change support
  4. Estimation and Job Scheduling — Integrated software that prequalifies and books leads on the calendar for an estimate (Calendly)
  5. Estimation Tooling and Job Scheduling Software — Prepares estimates for jobs, work orders, and invoices quickly and easily without complex spreadsheets (Estimate Rocket & Calendly)
  6. Proposal Builder and Invoicing Portal (Estimate Rocket)
  7. Payment Portal — Branded payment portal for a Main Street experience (Main Street)
  8. Accounting software (Quickbooks)
  9. Online Reputation Management — Aggregates and manages business reviews to improve brand reputation, acquire and retain customers, and ensure loyalty (Reviewtrackers)
Business Launch and Onboarding Support
  1. End to end onboarding checklist — 24+ item checklist for new owners to successfully launch legal, technology, and overall business set up
  2. Access to expert online support 
Marketing and Lead Generation
  1. Lead Screening, Qualification & Scheduling an Estimate — Call center integration screens leads to make sure they are qualified, push for estimate and schedules a meeting
  2. Subcontractor job posting — Generates complimentary job listings for subcontractors
  3. Professional Content Generation — Main Street HQ branded content for SEO
  4. Online Lead Source Setup — Aggregates leads and pushes them directly into customer relationship management platform (CRM)

New Owners Training Program

  1. 3 Weeks of professional training with a painting expert
  2. 1-on-1 Coaching & Goal-Setting
  3. Access to exceptional home-services training content — Robust curriculum on painting, sales scripts, estimate examples and templates, scripts, quizes, content etc. For Asynchronous, 20/30 hours of video content to replace training included with content scripts etc.
  4. On-going access to employee training materials
  5. In-the-field operations manual — Abbreviated training content to take along with for jobs in the field
  6. Main Street community support — Main Street moderated community discussion forum for questions, answers, and general support